Project Funda is a two-year graduate programme comprised of extensive training and experience. Our vision is to recognise and develop talent, particularly around research and leadership in the financial services industry. We strive to create positive experiences that will ultimately lead to improved engagement and produce team players for our company and clients.

About the Program

Our Purpose

Project Funda aims to further black talent, particularly in research and leadership in the financial services industry. We strive to deepen our talent and skills pool and create beneficial experiences that will lead to improved engagement and retention.

The Programme

Project Funda is a two-year programme comprised of various elements. Graduates are required to attend different courses, over a few days, and thereafter return to their respective roles where they will either be employed full-time, work as interns or continue with the completion of their studies. The program improves decision-making and cross-functional skills by expanding their understanding of business operations and the marketplace.

The Learning Management System (LMS)

We have developed a brand new platform for our candidates and alumni to stay connected. LMS users can visit various chat rooms where they can share posts, news and opportunities with fellow users. This platform, is also where we pin up interesting articles on our notice board and announce new courses that candidates may partake in to further enrich themselves.

To accelerate black graduates to acquire competitive securities analysis and brokerage skills.

Project Funda was launched at the end of 2015 with 20 graduates and young professionals and currently increased to 60 and still growing.

To date we have had more than 60 graduates join the program.

The courses, each lasting 5 days, were specifically developed with our clients in mind; each course culminating in presentations presented by the graduates to a panel of executives and PMs.

Our clients are invited to sit on a panel and engage our graduates’ presentations.

A Two-Year Programme Curriculum

Navigating Excel and Leadership skills

By Michael Ngarachu, Excel Soft Business Skills (negotiation / etiquette / presentation skills), and Various other speakers.

Equity markets and equity valuation for company analysts

By Jacques Pretorius (Head of Research)–ESG, Quantitative Research, and Financial Modelling.

ESG, Quantitative research Equity portfolio optimization, and fund management

By Jacques Pretorius & Eugene Van Heerden CEO of Verium Capital (International Structured Products)

Hedge fund design Risk management, Derivatives, and Equity Trade Execution

By Jacques Pretorius & Alphonso Raats(Head of Equity and Derivative Trading Stanlib) / Meshack Mokobane

Practical experience through internships

By Jacques Pretorius& Michael Ngarachu (Lead strategist)

Mentorship programme

Babalwa Ngonyama and various business leaders.

Project Lead

Jacques Pretorius

Jacques Pretorius

Jacques Pretorius holds a BCom Honors in Investment Management and M Com in Business Management. He completed the CFA, and ESG Investment certificates He has spent 30 years in financial markets as a trader, analyst, fund manager, and chief investment officer As an analyst, he won the Financial Mail Analyst of the year award in Quantitative research, in 1998 While at Stanlib Asset Management as head of quantitative research and investments, he won the Symmetry award for the best market-neutral hedge fund in 2004.