Believing in change

At Sinayo, we believe that every child should be afforded an opportunity to grow up to become an exceptional South African citizen. We believe in nurturing talent, growth and looking after the well-being of South Africa’s children. Through supporting 160 children at the Golden Ark Care Centre in Soweto, we aim to strengthen them, build their focus and encourage them to strive for a bright future.

Sinayo assists with the following:

  • University applications and sourcing leaderships through Insimbi Ltd.
  • Mentorship and continuous development programmes
  • Tutoring and exposure.
  • Building of a new Library.
  • Office equipment for their library.
  • Renovations to Girls & Boys Toilets.
  • Fixed replaced & painted roof and painted walls.
  • Net and tools for Vegetable Garden.
  • Lunch Boxes and juice bottles.
  • Masks, gloves, and sanitizers for COVID-19.
  • Cleaning, equipment, toiletries, school clothing, shoes, and other.
  • Donated books, balls, board games, and chess sets.
  • Applying for other sources of income, e.g.