From the beginning, we built our business on the foundation of experienced individuals and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, forming longstanding client relationships, and an ambition to leave a legacy of sustainable transformation and inclusivity in the stock broking industry. “Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth. “Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do.

The people who make it work

Sinayo Securities (Pty) Ltd (“Sinayo”) is a South African, independent, majority-black female-owned Stockbroker and member of the JSE Limited.

The firm provides top-quality securities services to institutional investors in South Africa, specializing in JSE-listed equity sales and trading. Sinayo Securities is an agency-only securities business.

Sinayo Securities holds strategic equity interests in the following entities:

  • 51% of Optimize, which enables us to provide script lending capabilities.
  • We also offer qualitative Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), Quantitative research including Trading idea research.
  • Partnership with Software Design that provides transactional cost analysis for Sinayo Securities

African Rainbow Capital (Pty) Ltd (“ARC”), has a long-term investment of 49% stake in Sinayo Securities.

Babalwa Ngonyama is the CEO of Sinayo and a major shareholder.

The Zulu word for lion is Ngonyama and it means ‘the master of all flesh’.

In the lion pride, is the lioness, energetic and strong, she does most of the hunting, as well as caring for the young. Thus, the lioness is the quintessential symbol of female power.

Our Team

Our team has been actively engaged in the JSE and financial markets for the last three decades, complying with regulations, handling trade, risk and settlements.

Our Values





Our Vision

We touch South Africans by democratising investments and by being game-changers.

Our Mission

We provide our clients and portfolio companies with extraordinary insights, which generate tangible impact and enduring wealth when implemented.